Sustainable technology at your fingertips.

Grouphug’s mission is inspire a sustainable lifestyle that is effortless, without sacrificing design. By adapting the latest technologies, we develop user-centric, designer products that fit seamlessly into the
lifestyle you love.


High Tech.

The latest new technologies shouldn’t be limited to university labs or industrial applications. That’s why we’re bringing sophisticated solar technology right into your home.


Earth Friendly.

Between all the drilling, polluting, & resource ransacking, the earth deserves a break. Our products create clean energy for people who want to make a positive impact (even if it’s tiny).


Easy Setup.

Setup is a piece of cake.
Perfect if you’ve always wanted to get more into sustainability, but you don’t have an engineering degree. We include everything you need to get your solar panel up & working in seconds.


Your Lifestyle.

No house? No problem.
You don’t need a roof to go solar.
Our products can harvest energy from any sunny window.