Marketplace of the Future 2018


This past September, Grouphug participated in the “Marketplace of the Future”! The event was magical. It was a showcase of sustainable startups that are presenting themselves as seedlings of what will someday soon be a new normal. 

Held in the beautiful Starrett-Lehigh building in Chelsea, we had a stellar time talking to people about solar energy and getting feedback on our products. We actually had someone call us out for handing out swag stickers that we not environmentally friendly or biodegradable! That’s how serious about zero waste this crowd was. Major respect to that person because most swag does end up in the trash. We need to up our game there.

Special thank you to the sponsors & partners that made the event happen: Starrett-Lehigh, Be Social Change, In Good Company, The Regeneration, Centre for Social Innovation, The Climate Group, Neal Ludevig (AKA Moon31), & Future Meets Present.