Grouphug wins $5,000 at Talk Trash City Competition

Krystal with the prize check!

Krystal with the prize check!

Krystal with her husband & family after the pitch.

Krystal with her husband & family after the pitch.

On Saturday, February 9th, Founder Krystal Persaud competed in Talk Trash City’s 4th annual competition and won the $5,000 prize!

Talk Trash City is a series of fun, energetic conversations intended to critique fresh ideas about handling waste. Their aim is to create a vibrant and useful dialogue between industry experts and innovators so that ambitious goals can become real, sustainable progress. They host an annual competition where 4 eco-minded entrepreneurs compete for prize money to grow their business.

Other competing organizations included:

  • Make It Black is a luxury dye and re-design service, using color theory to solve the environmental and economic crises of the fashion industry.

  • Plia is the first closed loop, zero waste furniture company offering contemporary designed furniture that allows consumers to keep materials out of the waste stream.

  • Pulpmade’s ‘Posse Chair’ is sustainable children’s furniture that sparks imagination and creativity - made from recycled paper and cardboard, paper pulp is non-toxic, lightweight, and soft–a great match for children.

“I quit my job 7 months ago to pursue my passion for sustainability & it means so much to have my efforts validated”, founder Krystal Persaud said after accepting the prize.

Thank you to everyone who came to the event. Special thanks & gratitude to Talk Trash City for such an amazing opportunity. Can’t wait to see what businesses compete next year!

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